One step forward, two steps back (and a 20 pack)

March 31, 2010

A little about me, I’m Irish, late 20’s I’ve been working and living in Aberdeen for about a year and a half. I’m in construction.

With that done, on to the real point of this.  I decided to set myself a challenge about 6 months ago. To quit smoking, with no help outside of little old me. No books, no gum, no patches, no hypnosis, no fifty other things people use to try to quit.

I’ve been a smoker since I was about 14, and I have, over the years, tried to quit. It has never stuck. There is a reason for this:


but for health and well-being, I have decided to actually quit. And for the millions of people who keep telling me to quit, to either shut the hell up or leave me alone.

(that’s not quite exaggeration for affect, spend a day looking out for anti-smoking messages, count them up and multiply that by the entire time you smoke. Anyone who wants to fight the system and isn’t smoking is trying too hard.)

The longest I’ve made it without smoking is about 2 years, then a friend died and I was back on them. Over the past 8 years, I’ve stopped for various reasons and lengths of time, but the longest I’ve made it has been around 6 weeks.

Anyway, this time i was going pretty well, I had made it 2 weeks. I was feeling the effects. I didn’t really consciously decide to go out and smoke, I was tidying up the apartment and found a full 10 pack under the bed, so figured ‘I’ll have some of that, no sense leaving temptation around for later on.’ (just try chucking a pack in the bin; a wonderful, full pack, wrapped in cellophane, ready to be inha…. Sorry back to the story)

That was fine, and four days passed since finishing that pack… until this morning.

I went out to buy milk… I came back with milk and a 20 pack of B&H silver. F- that! how did this happen to be on my person? I had to go to a different shop to get these!

So here it comes, My guide to stopping smoking, lesson 1:

If you are feeling the effects of nicotine, never go on autopilot to the shops for anything, especially not before 7:30 in the morning. At this time you are not awake, you are going on instinct and experience. Instinct and experience is cigarettes


We don’t sell Tic Tacs, we sell cigarettes. And they’re cool, available, and *addictive*. The job is almost done for us.

BR: Thank you for Smoking